Artist Statement—April, 2017

My work cycles from one set of materials and forms to another, and a desire to solve new technical and style challenges is a driving force.  One technique is to shoot yards and yards of painted canvas with a 12-gauge shotgun and use pieces of that canvas as if they were each a brush stroke.  I’ve also hardened canvas to make it a structural element and at other times I’ve left the rectangle behind to make my paintings cut outs.

In my most recent work, canvas is stretched, glued and stapled over undulating surfaces where topography becomes basic.  The different views, the connection to elemental energy systems, and references to land formations are all conscious goals.  Along with canvas mosaic, the undulating subsurface makes for varied colors and shading that increase movement and energy.

My exploration of new approaches never stops, and no matter where this exploration leads, making art is something I am driven to do.  Art is doing and I'd much rather be doing it than writing about it.



I began my art as a ceramist at the University of Wisconsin.  I taught and made ceramics in Racine, Wisconsin before moving to Chicago where I switched to painting.  In 2006 I moved to Providence, Rhode Island where I have been discovering the Ocean State.  The move was wrenching, but now I am fully at home in my studio at 80 Fountain St., Pawtucket, and I consider myself a Rhode Islander.  I am charmed to be living in a place that, like so many things mentioned in the news, is the size of the State of Rhode Island.